Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Céline at 30

My dear sister Céline is 30 today! It's hard to believe that the baby who was once so tiny that she needed to wear my doll's clothes (regular baby clothes were too big for her...) is now 30.
In the picture above, she's a few months old - we were living in Kenya at the time. The pic on the side was taken a couple of months ago, on the occasion of her wedding.
I have just found out that March 3 is considered a lucky day for a girl to be born in Japan: On the third day of the third month, it is traditional in Japan to celebrate Hina-matsuri, or Girls' Day — a day for wishing all little girls health, growth and happiness, writes Heather in her post about hina-matsuri.

As for Benjy, he just turned 9 yesterday, March 2. He is in great shape of a 9-year-old and just met a new girlfriend at the Venice dog park - a Great Dane (!!!).