Friday, July 21, 2006


18 rue des Teinturiers
Phone: 04 90 14 98 44

I had vowed to never ever write restaurant reviews, because there is something in the self-satisfied description of a meal's textures and aromas that irks me and because the only acceptable and worship-worthy food writer is Jeffrey Steingarten; Steingarten is VOGUE's food writer and he rules. (However, I suspect I would enjoy his witty writing regardless of the subject matter.)
So I should make things clear right away: this is not a restaurant review, but rather a mere recommendation. When festival goers take over Avignon in the summer, portable fare enjoys a popularity surge (suspiciously-hued sandwiches, greasy kebabs, anyone?), while salads, with their wilted lettuce and under-ripe tomatoes, are an offense to Provence's bounty. LA TARASQUE, on the picturesque Rue des Teinturiers, is an exquisite alternative.
Everything is home made, everything is fresh from the market, everything is delicious: ratatouille tarts, lots of greens, goat cheese, gazpacho, zucchini crumble, an outrageous chocolate cake... Vegetarians will find a wide range of options, which is unusual in French eateries, while meat eaters will also be satisfied.
For dinner or lunch, the gazpacho + salad + ratatouille tart set menu (priced €13), is as tasty and fresh a Mediterranean meal as you'll find in the city.
Don't miss LA TARASQUE's back yard, a genuine haven in this buzzing neighborhood.


Tao said...

Your descriptions are so vivid that if I ever visit Avignon I'll make sure Ito include this restaurant in my tour!

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