Sunday, September 05, 2010

Céline & Joren In Belgium

Remember, last December, my sister married Joren in Paris? It was a strictly intimate celebration, and this weekend, they tied the knot again in Belgium in front of many friends and relatives - some had flown in from as far as the US, Uruguay (my grandma!) and Kuwait. Céline and Joren met in Amsterdam and now live in Dubai, so traveling was the theme of the party; guests sat at tables with the names of places that are meaningful to the couple and everyone received a boarding pass guiding them through the event.
The bride wore turquoise and gold, a reflection of her sparkling and creative personality - I wore a black chiffon dress from the 1920's.
Belgium seemed like a good place, between France (our father's country) and the Netherlands (Joren's homeland). The castle of Feluy, dating back to the 14th c., was the chosen venue, with its medieval tower and beautiful garden, where the ceremony took place - after Céline and Joren pronounced their vows, we blew bubbles in an airy and iridescent demonstration of joy that the children particularly enjoyed. During the cocktail, guests chatted by the pond, and then everyone moved on to a wood-paneled room for dinner.Here is the limerick I wrote to read during the ceremony:
september 4, september 4
'tis a special day
in belgium we are gathered
'tween the french and dutch midway

my celinoo, my sis, my pal
to joren she said OUI
oh dear oh dear oh dear
what doth this mean for me?

her jokes her sparks
her secrets and gaffes
no longer will she share?

los angeles chauffeur
midnight confidante
shall i no longer be?

wistfully do i sigh
yet blissful is my grin

for i know tis a good man
who loves my dear celine.


Laura in Paris said...

Beautiful pictures and a moving poem ..

Gabbi said...

That's a lovely limerick you wrote for your sister Mary-Laure! And I know what you mean... when my sis got married I worried that things would be different since we're very close, but actually we are just as close if not closer maybe? Also, like you I love my brother-in-law because I know he truly loves my sis. Thank you for the share, I adore what Céline wore. She looks like a Grecian Goddess.

Giulia said...

Lovely, M-L. It looks wonderful. I love Celine's color of choice. And yes, bubbles! Julie the Cat loves them. Your poem is funny & poignant--she'll always be your sister. But you know that...I wonder if Benjy & Taocito were about? Or did T. have to stay in Dubai & mind the shop? But Benjy in formal wear...well, that would be a treat to see.


Susan & GG

Giulia said...

Just had to say that Gabbi is right: Céline looks like a Greek goddess. Straight from Mt. Olympus. Lucky Joren.

Mary-Laure said...

GABBI - isn't it strange though... I mean, we're no longer going to have those vacation together and all. When I call her, he always takes part in the conversation, which is great because I like him and he's fun, but it's weird to longer have that intimacy..... I'm glad you can relate!
But of course I'm happy she met someone who adores her.

GIULIA - Tao is holding down the fort back in Dubai, as is Celine's cat, Petimoo.
But Benjy witnessed the event from the car - there were pheasants roaming the grounds, and we wanted to make sure there was no bird bloodbath. But of course the guests took turns paying their respects to Benjy chilling in his silver Mercedes.

Joanna said...

What a lovely tribute to your sister, and such a magical wedding. Looks like a great time was had by all.

carina said...

What a sweet poem. I know exactly how you feel. When my sister met and married her husband I was filled with ambivalent feelings - because I knew she was starting a new and wonderful part of her life which made me very happy, but I also knew it was the end of her and me being 'siamese' twins, which made me really sad. I can still have moments when I long for the journeys, all night talks etc that we used to share when we were both single. But if she hadn't married my brother-in-law, I wouldn't have the two most special people in my life, my niece and nephew - goddaughter and godson:-)

Mary-Laure said...

CARINA - I'm happy that I expressed feelings that others can relate too. Actually, I am eager for my sister and her husband to have kids so that I can spoil them - I just adore children!
You're so right - when your sister gets married it's the end of something, and the beginning of something, too.

Belle de Ville said...

How lovely. What a beautiful place to have a wedding.

Annie said...

Wonderful, beautiful wedding! I love your sister's dress.Your poem is perfect :-). xoxo

simon said...

very very cool indeed!

sealaura said...

thanks for sharing! I love seeing the world and special days like your sis's wedding through your eyes! félicitations to your soeur autre fois!

Charlotta Ward said...

How gorgeous! I love that they celebrate the international edge to their love, and that so many guests flew in from all corners of the globe. The way it should be! :)

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog just now. x

Have a great week.

xx Charlotta

donna baker said...

Mary-Laure, what a beautiful ceremony. Only thing is I wanted to see you in your gown. With Benjy. And, that gateau is incredible with the huge firework. I've never seen one like that. I felt the same way with my daughter. But, it is all fine.

Taocito said...

My mistress would like to point out that you are still number 1 no matter what. The bond between the two of you can never change.

Mary-Laure said...

DONNA - ah, yes, the gateau, it was spectacular! It was a vanilla and strawberry ice cream cake coated in meringue (this is what the French call a "vacherin"). Yum!
No wonder you never saw one like that: it is THE specialty of this specific caterer, Paulus from Brussels, and they are proud to keep it unique.

TAOCITO - we missed you!!! But you were in our hearts as always.
I hope your little owner liked the limerick; she didn't say anything about it.

Joren said...

Thank you for this beautiful impression of a wonderful day, Mary-Laure! Your pictures are very creative and your poem is breathtakingly sincere. I'm sure we'll find a nice frame for it along with a prominent spot in our living room.

And I'll settle for number 2 :)


Taocito said...

My owner was incredibly touched by your poem. You also recited her favorite Shakespeare sonnet... She just did not get a chance to tell you because everything went so fast. But hey, you didn't mention the little song she recorded especially for you!
I was in Dubai, holding fort.

Sam said...

How utterly lovely and glamorous to be wed again in Belgium in such a historic location! I love the turquoise and gold on your sister - she looks radiant! Your poem is so sweet too! Thank you for sharing!

Robin said...

Mary-Laure, I felt your poignant words....but look at the most loving responses from Joren, Celine....and..the oh-so-wise Taocito... the bond you have with Celine will NEVER fact, it will increase.... you have a loving and wonderful, it's just a bit bigger....

Safe flight home for you and Benjy!

♥ Robin ♥

p.s. It WAS a beautiful wedding and YOU were a huge reason why....
oh, and I love the image of Benjy in the silver Mercedes - with guests stopping by to hob-nob with "The Oracle"....

Marci said...

Pues muchas felicidades!
Parece un lugar ideal...

Mary-Laure said...

SAM - yes, she was BEAMING with joy!

JOREN - very happy you liked my poem and everything else. Especially happy to see my Celinoo with someone who loves her so much and also had a great sense of humor; someone who is mouf, all in all!

ROBIN - thanks for your sweet, adorable words. They go straight to my heart (and to Benjy's furry little heart).

Petimoo said...

I would like to point out I was utterly disappointed as I wore my finest tux, cleaned myself from head to claw and did not so much as get a mention! In any case, my foster owner feels saddened that you would imagine your bond weakened. She misses you.

Solange said...

congrats to the couple again! what lovely photos and your limerick is so beautiful, she must have been so happy!
You travel so much, so much, in what area do you work? if you don't mind me asking, you seem so busy!
wish you a nice week,

Mary-Laure said...

PETIMOO - I can picture you in your sleek tux! Don't worry, there will be many more occasions to wear it!!

SOLANGE - I'm a translator but really, the main reason I travel so much is because my loved ones are all over the world: my parents are in Paris, my sister lives in Dubai (after living in Amsterdam, Singapore, Mexico and NY state in the past 10 years!), my grandmother is in Uruguay........

Giulia said...

Petimoo--I feel the sting of your righteous fuming. I'm also mixing up my English because my mum is playing African music & I don't speak Wolof. (Maman, turn it down!)

Petimoo-milk this for all it is worth. I am outraged on your behalf.


Giulia, a stylish troublemaker

PS: Have you contacted a lawyer? There might be something actionable here. If not, you should write an editorial. I will publish it on Giulia Geranium, my blog. I have opposable thumbs but she doesn't know it, though she suspects.)

Anonymous said...

Tu peux nous traduire ton poeme en francais? Merci

Mary-Laure said...

GIULIA & PETIMOO - it seems you girls are in the process of creating some kind of Feline Alliance between Washington DC and Dubai... If cats have opposable thumbs, it's the end for all of us! The Kat TaKeover is near!

ANONYMOUS - c'est un peu difficile de traduire ce poeme parce qu'il repose entierement sur un rythme particulier de comptine. En plus, j'ai utilise des mots archaiques (comme 'tis, 'tween, doth) pour donner une impression de comptine ancienne, comme un pastiche.
Mais je peux expliquer le sens:
Strophe 1: nous sommes en Belgique, a mi-chemin entre la France et les Pays-Bas, le 4 septembre
Strophe 2: ma Céline, ma soeur, mon amie, a dit OUI a Joren, et je me demande ce que cela va signifier pour moi.
Strophe 3: est-ce qu'elle ne partagera plus avec moi ses secrets, ses gaffes, ses etincelles, ses blagues?
Strophe 4: est-ce que je serai plus son chauffeur a Los Angeles et sa confidente de minuit?
Strophe 5: je soupire avec tristesse, mais mon sourire est joyeux
Strophe 6: car je sais que celui qui aime ma chere Celine est un homme dont le coeur est pur.

Giulia said...

Mwhahaha-meow. Be afraid, be very afraid. Ciao, Comrade Petimoo

PS: Benjy we will need your help. Will be in touch.

Françoise said...

Dear Marie-Laure,

The poem is just lovely!

Anonymous said...

Merci, c'est tres beau.

Penney said...

I'm trying this so I can stay in touch.. Just Penneys blogspot.. You are the best!

Penney said...

Now you will have more to share! So many stories..So much more xo to share together..
Your poem was very special..

Mary-Laure said...

ANONYMOUS - ah oui, mais c'est plus joli en anglais, avec des rythmes tres definis et nets, ainsi que des rimes.

PENNEY - Welcome to Aurea! I am sure we will have plenty to share in the future.

Elsa said...

Your limerick is very poignant Mary-Laure. I am struggling with those exact feelings at the moment but reading your words makes me feel much, much better. Thank you for that. Your sister looks lovely. What a delightful way to celebrate their marriage!

Martica Lange said...

Lindo el poema, Marie-Laure, lleno de complicidad, de amor, y de inquietud, me encanto!! Gracias por escribirlo en frances.

Mary-Laure said...

ELSA - I can't tell you how much it means to me to hear that my limerick is echoed in other people's feelings and lives.
In the end, what matters is that our sisters are with someone who makes them happy, right?

MARTICA - gracias por visitar mi blog! Fue un GRAN placer verte (y ver a James) para el casamiento. Y tu vestido + tus zapatos eran DIVINOS! Un beso.

David Toms said...

This is going to sound strange, howver a friend of mine here in Toronto, was telling me that her daughter who loves in Hong kong went to a wedding in Belgium which sounds very much like this one, I winder if it was?