Monday, January 21, 2008

Guest Blogger Benjy Answers Jo

Darling Benjy,
I'm sure from your vantage point, you have a good handle on what type of footwear women wear around Paris. In New York, I am amazed that ladies dash all around town in high heels that I'm sure I could never walk, let alone run, in with out twisting my ankle. I'm sick of bringing an extra bag with my "nice" shoes so that I can change out of my sneakers when I get to where I'm going. Jo

Dear Jo, dear readers,
I love shoes (but unlike some colleagues, I never chew on them). Here are some ground rules:
1. avoid anything too strappy, too pointy or too high; if your shoes look terrific but you are limping with pain and discomfort, you'll look anything but.
2. choose shoes that are stylish yet comfortable, like my assistant's Dries Van Noten pumps, with their stacked heels made of wood and delicate embroidery.
3. if you are going to be on your feet all day, instead of sneakers, carry with you a pair of super-light, ultra-thin classic ballet flats - my assistant gets hers from French Sole...
Dear Marie and Taocito, I will answer your questions very soon!
If you, dear reader, have a question, don't hesitate to post a comment.


Joanna Goddard said...

haha, i love this!

i would love to ask benji if french women still wear lots of converse.


Benjy said...

Mais oui, dear Joanna, every self-respecting Française has a pair of Converse, if not in her closet, on her feet. My assistant has one too, even though I must say I seldom see her wear them.

Lisa said...

Benjy, please tell your assistant that those are great shoes.

BarkingDogShoes said...

I love French Sole. I just did a feature on the new Keen ballerina skimmer that seems to be channeling French Sole in a "comfort" kind of way.

Laura said...

You're so cute, Benjy!

marie said...

nice advice benji!

Anonymous said...

Is Benjy a soccer player ? I guess he must be running so fast ! play it like Benji !!

Beverly said...

Dear Benji,

Why are you so darn cute?

the end.

pia jane bijkerk said...

benjy, you are a darling and your vantage point on paris shoes is perfect. i wonder benjy, have you ever had your claws caught in the cobblestones like i've had my pointy heels? painful isn't it?!

Blondie said...

Hey Benjy, what's with the snide comments about your "collegues"? Did you think I couldn't read??? Is this how you thank me for introducing you to "La bonne Croquette Alsacienne" aka THE ETERNEL SOURCE OF FOOD?

Benjy said...

Dear Pia, I see you understand me event though I do not know you! Indeed, my little paw got caught between cobblestones once, causing my nail to break painfully. I had to go to the vet's and have it completely removed! I walked with a bandaged paw for days, ah, the pain...

Taocito said...

I am utterly pained by the "other colleagues" comments. I would like to point out it was an accident due to my poor eyesight. Indeed, I thought your Feragamos were some delightful chicken which I am very fond of.
I would like to point out to Blondie that it is I, Taocito, who coined the term "source de nourriture éternelle" and will not accept such comments coming from an ex-con!

Blondie said...

"Dear" Tao,

May I suggest that when one is:

a) blind as a bat;
b) roughly as heavy as my midmorning snack;
c) borderline cardiac;

one should avoid slander?

My own sources tell me not to overly worry though, as un bûcher sur la place publique has your name on it...

Taocito said...

Wow Blondie! What's with the comments? I was siding with you as the "ex-con" comment was meant for Benjy, not for you.
However in response to your slander I would like to point out that:
a) don't make fun of the handicapped
b) thanks for the compliment
c) heart is fine, thank you. The problem is with my kidneys, duh!

But let's not fight Blondie, as together we are stronger than alone against the reign of the so called Oracle.

Peace out