Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Claudine's Hat

When I wear this vintage hat, I feel like Claudine, the cheeky and wild heroine in Colette's early novels.
While the Claudine series can't rival with the masterpieces of Colette's mature years, they are still as fresh, exquisite and creative as when they were first published (and became instant best-sellers). Claudine à Paris, or Claudine in Paris is a perfect treat, while animals lovers can't but fall for the hilarious Dialogues de Bêtes, in which the dog Toby and the cat Kiki comment on their owners' lives.


ALL THE BEST said...

Love the hat and I adore your blog! I will be certain to add you to my blog roll!
All best,

marie said...

sounds so good!
i'll have to have a search..

Laura said...

I love the addings you have made to your blog. Flowers are indeed a simple favorite treat - equal to a "ganache" dark chocolate from a good "chocolatier".
Needless to say I find your "This week's flowers" refreshing. I also find the changes you have made to your blog's name beautiful.

ALL THE BEST said...

I just read your comments on my blog (re: Paris). Why don't you send me an email. The address is on my blog contact page.

Joanna Goddard said...

oooh what fun!!

comfies said...

mary-laure, what an adorable picture! i love it! and, yes, the birds are familiar indeed.

Chelsea said...

So cute. Love the hat.