Monday, January 28, 2008

Let there be stripes! (1)

I just love stripes, and these socks, which a little friend calls 'your witch's socks', keep me warm in the winter...

On Sunday, I was delighted to meet Ronda from All The Best, a terrific blog about Stylish Living that features amazing profiles and interviews as well as an array of arts/design/fashion books that makes me drool...
Though both Ronda and her husband were disappointed I had not brought Benjy along to the legendary café Les Deux Magots, we had a great time over a glass of Bordeaux (me) and absinthe (an adventurous Ronda)...


ALL THE BEST said...

We had such a wonderful time!! I just posted a few photos on my blog.

All best,

the childcatcher said...

why thank you :)
though id like you to know, its not me who takes all these amazing photos
its my favourite photographers people like:
stacey mark =,
lina scheynius = and
wendy bevan =
they really are wonderful
ps: i post about twice a day(if not, more), so "checking again soon" would be a great idea :)

pve design said...

I had the pleasure of illustrating Rhonda's blog masthead as well as meeting in NY when she visited last Fall. What a lovely meeting we had!
New to blogging and to your blog.

cally said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, which has led me to this great blog of yours. I love the way you write, even though my eyes are sore I found myself reading all the posts on the page. Really enjoyable - your so interesting!

Joanna Goddard said...

ooooh, i love the stripes!!!!

i am jealous of ronda:)

cally said...

hey, you made an impression on me today, so I've given you an award (on my blog)!

violet said...

I found youf lovely, lovely blog through Liivia’s blog.
I share your interest on anemones, hats, les années folles, Collette...oh, so many things!

We are a Finnish-French family (me being the Finn;-)) and I love to read about Paris, too, because for 6 years it was our home. Now we are in Bruxelles (that I love after 5 years in Netherlands...).

I’ll be back!

marie said...

nice socks
they look so warm!

Jill said...

somehow i missed this post on striped tights earlier in the week! love them!!