Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guest Blogger Benjy Answers Taocito

I have a pooch who is kind, gentle and lovely but who sometimes lacks in grace whilst walking down the boulevards. Could you recommend ways for him to strut more gracefully? Thank you, Taocito

Dear Taocito, dear readers,
My assistant, a dancer, would recommend Pilates or other techniques that teach you how to stand tall and keep your back flat - always good for a more graceful gait.
Though your bichon pooch (pictured above) may feel goofier than elegant sometimes, remember, Queen Marie-Antoinette, who knew a thing or two about style, as well as a bevy of French sovereigns starting in the Renaissance, had bichons just like yours. (You can spot a few of them, amid a host of royal pups, in Sofia Coppola's Marie-Antoinette) Royalty dog! Be proud of what he is.
Dear readers, if you too have a question about lifestyle, fashion, Paris or anything else, don't hesitate to post a comment with your query. The Oracle always answers!


Anonymous said...

Do you do Pilates, Benjy? You seem slim and graceful indeed...

Anonymous said...

I guess Benji would rather do classic ballet! he should be great at "sauts de chat" and "pas de deux"!

Benjy said...

Anonymous 1: that's a very good question, I should prepare a post on how I stay trim and fit.

Anonymous 2: yes, I love the ballet! I like ballet slippers so much I could eat them! I am very good at "grands sauts", but ksssssssss, I am at war with cats, so I will not perform a "saut de chat" or "entrechat huit". (I like the "pas de cheval", though, and my "port de tete" is second to none!)

Taocito said...

Dear Benjy
Thank you very much for your advice and thank you for putting my picture up. I look particularly fluffy there!
I will try my paw at yoga and pilates as you suggested. Should I also try ballroom dancing?
Kind regards

Anonymous... yeah right! said...

Wow this fluffy poochon is gorgeous! He is simply close to perfection and I must say he is a serious competitor for the Oracle! Sorry Benjy!

Anonymous said...

What a cute bichon! Who is the lucky owner?